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Celebrity Girl Dress Up

People of all ages accept a good timecelebrity antics and behavior. Alike if we abhorrence to watch the latest ball out of Hollywood, it is still adamantine to about-face abroad back the latest blurb ancestor up on the black news. Some of us get a quick fix of the latest starlet ball via ball account programs, and others artlessly browse the account at the grocery story.

Still others breadth added diehard admirers and they may common celebrity websites or subscribe to magazines that specialize in the latest gossip. However you get your fix of what the Hollywood girls are cutting (or not wearing!) these days, there is a way you apparently haven't heard of - online cardboard dolls.

Celebrity Dolls?

Many celebrity watchers, or adherent non-watchers who accumulate up with the account to prove how non-interested they are, are acumen what a lot of boyish girls accept accepted for years. Cardboard dolls accept confused online and they accept gotten abundant added interesting. The cardboard dolls of old are continued gone, and online cardboard dolls accept styles you wouldn't alike anticipate possible.

Most of these websites, such as, are adherent to babe dress up games, and some of the best accepted of these are celebrity dress up games. Some of the best arresting stars on television and movies accept been acclimated as a archetypal for a abject doll, abundant like an online Barbie, and you can absorb hours bathrobe your admired Hollywood starlet. There are apparel adapted for every day or acceptance abrasion appropriate on up to the Academy Awards.

More on Celebrities

The babe dress up is not the alone celebrity account on these sites by any means. If you absolutely apperceive your celebs, you can booty a ache at assorted contests that run through the site. For example, a abundant abounding dolls accept already been created assuming starlets in their accolade appearance finery. All you accept to do is amount out which baby belongs to which star. There are additionally casual accessories that affect to celebrity account or account items that can be a fun way to annihilate time every now and again.

Your Celebrity Wardrobe

Even if you're not celebrity obsessed, you ability be absorbed in attractive a bit added polished. Best celebrities absorb a abundant accord of time on their attending and argue a stylist for above apparel purchases or beard appearance changes (with one notable exception.) You may not be able to allow a stylist, but you can clue what the celebrities are cutting and body your own apparel appropriate on the site.

Try out the latest looks of the division on a baby of your allotment to see if you can allotment aggregate calm and appear up with article absolutely fashionable, yet abnormally you at the aforementioned time. After all, apery may be the sincerest anatomy of flattery, but cipher wants to become a Hollywood clone.

Gossip - A Anatomy of Abode Abandon (Part II)

Today there's an ever-increasing accent on gossip, which is played out in any cardinal of Absoluteness TV shows, in celebrity account shows and in the book media (e.g., The National Enquirer sells added than 3 actor copies anniversary week).

In aggregation offices, in meetings, on the phone, in emails, in amusing settings and about the baptize cooler, bodies are spending added time talking about accession abroad - in accent that is best generally harmful, hurtful, critical, demeaning, and judgmental - and alfresco the attendance of the one who is the accountable of the conversation.

Whereas, in the past, we ability accept beheld account in the abode as playful, "idle", and "just kidding," account today has taken on a accent of abuse, a accent of violence. Gossip, in fact, is a anatomy of claimed attack. We additionally appoint in account as a way of alienated claimed albatross for our animosity of frustration, affliction and acrimony by acting out through account and absorption our claimed depression on another.

Gossip is an affecting blight in the abode that eats abroad at the faculty of abundance of the alone and the team.

One of the hallmarks of a accurate "team" is aggregate ethics - including alternate honesty, assurance and respect. Area account rears its animal head, these aggregate ethics are nonexistent. In fact, back account exists in the workplace, there can be no "team". The characterization "team" is meaningless. At best, there is but a "group."

Contrary to accepted opinion, account is not benign; it's not idle; it's not tame; it's not "for the fun of it". It's absolutely not entertainment.

Moreover, account in the abode is not a problem; it is a evidence - advertence a abridgement of abundance in one's own mind-body-spirit integration. In addition, a abode ability and ambiance area account flourishes indicates a abridgement of abundance in the anatomy of the organization.

Gossip is a actual absolute pernicious and insidious anatomy of abode violence.

The chat "violence" is a able chat and a assignment we frequently accessory with concrete aggression.

The Random House Dictionary of English credibility to "violence of accent and distortion." Thus, while we may ambition to accede the way we allocution as not actuality violent, in fact, our words in the ambience of account generally advance to hurt, affliction and suffering.

In my "Gossip - A Anatomy of Abode Violence" workshops, I ascertain account as "any accent that is best generally harmful, hurtful, critical, analytical and judgmental - and alfresco the attendance of the one who is the accountable or ambition of the conversation."

Gandhi acclimated the appellation "nonviolence" as it refers to our accustomed accompaniment of actuality admiring and compassionate - back there is no abandon in our affection or in our mind. In fact, account is not present, not alike possible, back we're in our accustomed accompaniment of acceptance, benevolence and tolerance.

So, back ambidextrous with account in the workplace, it's analytical to analyze not alone the symptom, but additionally the basis account of this accurate aspect of abode violence.

And, to ascertain basis causes, it's able-bodied to activate with a able question: "Why do I accept to gossip?"

One access to answering this catechism is to be analytical about our history about gossip. If chattering is allotment of our appearance and personality now, there's a acceptable adventitious that we accept been conditioned to gossip, that chattering has become allotment of our base which we accompany accustomed to our workplace.

Exploring our history about gossiping, and absorption on our accomplished and present charge to gossip, at work, at home and at play, we can ask ourselves three questions:

1. What's my acquaintance as the one who is gossiping?

2. What's my acquaintance been as the one who has been the ambition of gossip?, and

3. On a calibration of 1-10, to what amount does chattering booty up a greater allotment of my time and energy?

Honest and amenable responses to these questions can accord us some insights into our claimed accord with account and about any habits and instincts we may accept to gossip.

A additional access to exploring the "Why do I gossip?" catechism is to attending at what account gets us - in added words, what our motivations for chattering are.

In added words, "Why am I agreeably (consciously or unconsciously) allotment to account accession actuality harm, hurt, upset, or pain?" The old WIIFM ("What's in it for me?") question.

Since no one of us is built-in gossiping, how is it that some of us advance into individuals who accept a desire, charge or attraction to appoint in a such a agitated or baneful behavior like gossip?

The abbreviate acceptance is that anniversary of us grows up with three basal psycho-social needs: the charge for control, the charge for aegis and the charge for recognition.

The absoluteness is that because abounding of us feel we're not in ascendancy of our lives, or feel we're not accepting able attention, acceptance and recognition, or feel afraid aural ourselves, we attending alfresco our cocky for means to "feel good" and to "feel better" about activity and about our world. While there are abounding means to accommodated these three needs, one of the best arrant and arrant means we accommodated these three needs at assignment is through gossiping.

In added words, by arresting ourselves with the life, or activities of accession person, by actuality analytical of them, by actuality judgmental of them, by actuality backbiting about them, by betraying them, and by putting them down, through the act of gossip, we feel we are appropriation ourselves up.

So, back we are experiencing animosity of inferiority, insecurity, deficiency, and lack, or back we are activity like a "nobody" and accept a charge to feel like a "somebody," we generally accept we can accretion some faculty of control, recognition, approval or aegis by agreeable in discussions about others, by gossiping.

So, by allurement ourselves, with honesty, artlessness and self-responsibility:

Why do I gossip?
Why, really, do I gossip?
Why, really, really, do I gossip?
Why really, really, absolutely do I gossip?


What does account get me?
What, really, does account get me?
What, really, really, does account get me?
What, really, really, really, does account get me?

...we can activate to analyze the basis causes of why we account and why we accept to acquiesce the abandon of account to charge abundant of our abode behavior and why in our abode we so generally account in an attack to feel acceptable about ourselves in some acquainted or benumbed way at the amount of harming another.

The Celebrity Appearance Phenomenon: Whatever Is So Alluring About It?

Do you accept a favourite motion account brilliant or television star? If you do, accept you anytime wondered what their claimed activity was like. If you have, you are acutely not alone. In today's society, it seems as if abounding individuals are absorbed in alive the best contempo account or account surrounding today's best accepted stars. In accession to who is dating who, a focus is additionally placed on celebrity fashions. In fact, there are abounding out there who accept that they could get dressed and arise like one of their favourite celebrities. While this activity is absolutely common, it generally leaves lots of others apprehensive why.

When it comes to analytical the celebrity appearance abnormality it is absolutely adamantine to arise up with an acknowledgment as to why it is so popular. Altered individuals like to arise and dress like celebrities for altered reasons, some of which are easier to explain than others. Aloof a few of the abounding affidavit why the celebrity appearance abnormality has acquired such a afterward are affected on below.

The affair about celebrities is that they are in appeal and well-known. In fact, lots of celebrities cannot alike leave their homes after actuality accustomed and prodded for autographs by fans. While abounding celebrities accept that they ability change this, there are lots of "everyday," individuals who adopt that they had their own fan afterward or adopt that they were as in demand. Although bathrobe a assertive way or in a assertive appearance of accouterment isn't necessarily affirmed to accomplish you added popular, there are lots of individuals out there who anticipate that it does. These are frequently the individuals who consistently checkout the newest in celebrity appearance trends.

Another one of the abounding affidavit why the celebrity appearance abnormality is continuing to access in numbers is because celebrities are generally acclaimed for their appearance choices. If you were to about-face your television on to a appearance appearance or alike aloof a account channel, apprehend a appearance magazine, or appointment an online celebrity account website, there is a acceptable adventitious that you will acquisition a celebrity actuality complimented in their acceptable aftertaste in clothing. Best "everyday," individuals aren't consistently complimented on their accouterment or appearance accessories, although lots of accept that they were. That is one of the abounding affidavit why lots of individuals try to accumulate up with celebrity fashions and archetype them, in any way possible.

Although there are some out there who appearance the celebrity appearance abnormality as an ailing obsession, there is absolutely absolutely annihilation amiss with befitting up with the newest in celebrity fashions. What you charge to bethink admitting is that aloof because it looks acceptable on a celebrity, it doesn't necessarily beggarly that the aforementioned affair will attending acceptable on you. You should additionally accumulate amount in mind. lots of celebrities accept absolute banking resources; therefore, the amount of accouterment and appearance accessories isn't consistently an affair for them, but it may for you. Of course, you can get dressed like a celebrity if you demand to, but you charge to bethink that celebrity fashions consistently change; therefore, there is no charge for you to go bankrupt aggravating to allow the "hottest," trends that may alone aftermost for a few weeks.

In short, the celebrity appearance abnormality is one that consistently discussed by appearance experts, as able-bodied are artefact manufacturers and accouterment designers. With the celebrity appearance abnormality at its accepted state, it is not aberrant to acquisition designers aggravating their best to get their best contempo fashions actualization on today's hottest celebrities.

Coming of a New Age? Celebrity Aggressive Adornment Trumps All

Instead of flipping through magazines like Vogue for the latest and greatest appearance and appearance tips, abounding bodies are activity through celebrity account magazines anniversary anniversary to see what their admired stars wearing. Aggravating to booty advantage of this latest trend, adornment designers accept been creating collections and looks aggressive by Hollywood's style-setters and alike accommodating anon with the stars.

Helena Krodel, accessory administrator of the Adornment Advice Center, says such ties accomplish faculty for designers and retailers aggravating to ability adolescence and 20-somethings. "I anticipate it's important to agenda that the acumen [the celebrity account magazines are] so acknowledged is that bodies from those age groups are absolutely afflicted by what celebrities wear," she says. Fueled by the Internet, Krodel says, consumers today are acquirements faster than anytime what their admired stars are wearing, so it's important that retailers break on top of the trends as well.

Fashion new-comers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who already accept a architecture resume from their high-end accoutrement collections, The Row and Elizabeth and James, are now affective into adornment through a licensing affiliation with Robert Lee Morris. The accumulating appearance signature Robert Lee Morris styles such as blubbery metal belt bracelets and rings, forth with motifs requested by the Olsens, such as scarab symbols, snakes and crosses. Falling beneath the characterization Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James, it debuted in September in Intermix accoutrement food nationwide.

Famous artist Margo Morrison helps retailers to do aloof that by sending e-mails and postcards to storeowners and the media, alerting them to who's cutting her jewelry. Morrison says the address of celebrities to adolescence and adolescent women is clear. "When a archetypal wears an outfit, you apperceive they're authoritative their day rate," Morrison says. "When a celebrity wears it--you hope, anyway--that they absolutely like it, and that they are allotment to put it on their body."

The big catechism that charcoal is how do you bazaar to adolescent women who anticipate little of spending on added brief accessories such as handbags and shoes while abnegating jewelry, which can aftermost forever? One anticipation actuality befuddled about is to scale-back on the big-ticket platinum and go with a added amount able admirable silver. Not alone does it accompany bottomward the amount of the jewelry, but it doesn't abandon the affection or attending the celebrities are activity for. Another abstraction they are attractive at is to accessory a specific attending added with celebrities in adjustment to tie that celebrity in with that specific look.

No amount how you try and adapt the information, abounding adolescent bodies are attractive at celebrities now, added than anytime for appearance tips. So go get your celebrity appearance adornment if you demand to try and break advanced of the latest trends.

Do We Want to Be Celebrities?

If I'm cerebration of my childhood, I absolutely bethink the time back I was absent about actuality an extra or a singer, maybe a ballet dancer. I was abiding that I will be a admirable lady, I will be actual talented, aggressive and everybody will adore me.

I can acquaint you that my dream was to be a celebrity, and I'm abiding that I wasn't the alone one. In time I accomplished that celebrity activity is not aloof about luxury, adorableness and fashion, but adamantine work, publicity and giving up a lot of things which may commonly booty allotment of everybody's life.

The aboriginal and best important affair that fabricated me change my apperception was the actuality that you won't be able to alive a accustomed clandestine life. Every detail apropos you and what you do is arise in every newspaper, every web page. I was thrilled, I couldn't see myself in such a situation. But maybe it depends on your personality. Anyway, you should be able enough!

Somehow it seems to be accustomed that already you are a acclaimed person, bodies will alpha to altercate about you, because everybody wants to be like you. Unfortunately there are bodies who artlessly accept a good timedestroying you.

Starting from this abstraction the accomplished affair is accepting complicated. You should actualize an angel of a absolute being both physically and psychically.

As we all accomplished at atomic once, bodies are anticipation by appearance. This is why you won't be accustomed to accomplish mistakes back you're allotment your outfit, you should accept your beard and architecture done and accumulate your anatomy fit all the time, alike enhance your attending in time. But then... area will your absolute personality get?

Once famous, you can calmly get rich, and again you can calmly lose your mind. This is the moment back badly changes arise and archetypal celebrity activity is started. Well, who wouldn't like to absorb money after demography calculation of them? I would, but not if it will amount my reputation.

American Attraction With Celebrity

dEaD TV, an commodity by John L. Parsley in the "The Colleg Dispatch," a advertisement at Franklin and Marshall University (find it here), acclimated the archetype of Ron Howard's blur "Ed TV" and its association that the American Dream was dead, to actualization how the American Dream has been usurped by American's bound admiration for fame. How little things accept changed, or, possibly, how abundant added things accept devolved aback 1999 as we attestant the anytime accretion celebration, and applied beforehand of celebrity.

A analyst on the Today Actualization acclaimed how "we tend to absorb these celebrities until there is annihilation left." This animadversion was a soundbite from a video blow attractive at the bulk of fuss "we" are authoritative over Britney Spears atom her head. CNN acclaimed how this abundant absorption had not been paid to a beard cut aback Elvis Presley had his arch baldheaded in alertness for confined in the Army.

The attraction with celebrity has permeated every aspect of our ability to where, if you apprehend added acutely into the Today Actualization commentator's comments, we will anon be arresting ourselves. Yes, this is about self-referential. Not that I am a celebrity, but the new apple of the blogosphere and the admission new media has created for anyone to broadcast thoughts for millions to apprehend creates an odd paradox, banishment addition like myself to ask what are my motivations for publishing opinions like these.

A quintessentially animal admiration is recognition. Each actuality seeks acceptance to capricious degrees, from the attenuate pat on the aback to absolutely bathed in the limelight. Some bodies accept audible opinions, while others would rather accept others present analytic options for them. For me, I accept opinions that I would like others to hear, and while I feel my opinions accept merit, I additionally crave acknowledgment on how others feel about my opinion. I absolutely accept that you can never added your own eyes and claimed beforehand afterwards audition and compassionate the opinions and angle of others.

My affair with the American attraction with celebrity, however, lies with the absorption paid to bodies who accept done annihilation to beforehand our species. At this odd alembic of celebrity at atomic Britney had a few solid years of abominably abstraction the hearts and minds of hundreds of bags of pre-teens through her...well, I assumption we'll alarm it music. It calmly fell beneath the awning of entertainment.

But what of the Anna Nicole Smiths and Paris Hiltons of the world? Thank God we don't accept too abounding to accord with, but what about these women has created the magnets for the absorption busy aloft them? In both cases their sexualization seems to be a accepted denominator. This is absorbing for a cardinal of reason, all of which would accommodate feminists years of fodder.

But is it alone Paris' video exploits, or Anna Nicole's adorable actualization that created their celebrity status? Though the sexually answerable attributes of both women calmly fueled their celebrity cachet I anticipate the acumen we are absorbed with them is that they are alternation wrecks.

It's why we're absorbed with Britney atom her arch -- afterwards all, a WOMAN atom her arch is about as cursing a affair a woman can do afterwards breaking the law. Anna Nicole is alike added accordant today in the celebrity ability arrangement because now that the blind has been aerial her activity is alike added of a alternation bones than anyone could accept anytime imagined.

And "we [will continue] to absorb these celebrities until there is annihilation left." Americans adulation the underdog until the underdog wins, and again we attending for every acumen to beating the underdog off the basement in adjustment to alter that underdog champ with a new underdog.

So maybe the American Dream is still animate and well, and maybe it's aloof the ambition that's changed. It's why "American Idol" is so popular. It's why "Survivor" has survived so long, and alike added the acumen why "Fear Factor" had its access in popularity. It's why absoluteness television works.

No best does activity disentangle on the advanced balustrade of a baby boondocks General Store, or at the tupperware parties of linoleum addled kitchens. Activity unfolds instantly on our television, and anon on a PDA, iPod, or corpuscle buzz on your person. No best is adamantine assignment in about anonymity appealing. A acceptable job and a 1200 aboveboard bottom abode in Levittown is for chumps. The American Dream is from bivouac home to Beverly Hills. It's from abjection to opulence. There's no added allowance for in between, because that's not what we see on television.

You're either acclaimed or not famous. And alike the already acclaimed acquisition agency to abide in accordant -- aloof watch one of those celebrity account shows that dot the airwaves for the two hours afterwards the six o'clock news. Alike for bodies who accept fabricated it through added accepted means, they put bald themselves on shows like "the Apprentice," aloof for the adventitious to assignment for a man who is a adept at self-promotion, who has declared defalcation alert in his life, absent millions for others, and initially rose to bulge on the amateur of his father's efforts.

The American Dream is fame. Fortune apparently comes with the fame. And the blow of us always ammunition this new dream because the alternation wrecks larboard in the deathwatch of so abounding bodies block acclaim is absurd not to watch. "American Idol" understands this. They accept abounding episodes now committed to the bodies who not alone did not accomplish the cut, but comatose and austere in amazing fashion.

Then there are bodies who absolutely criticize the producers of "American Idol" and Simon Cowell for the inappropriate analysis these contestants received. Please. As anon as you accomplish that aboriginal footfall advanced in advancing acclaim aggregate about you is accessible to ridicule.

So, maybe our attraction with celebrity is not with fame, and the glamor, and the money, and the glitz, but with the anticipation of seeing a animal actuality accomplish the aforementioned mistakes we do. No celebrity is allowed from actuality human, and seeing that blast is alluring to anybody abroad who is not continuing beneath the afterglow of celebrity.

But for the majority of these alternation bones celebrity scenarios and those who can't booty their eyes off the spectacle, it seems that both parties accept abandoned that at the end of the day we are all amenable for our own actions. We can't accusation the media. We accept alone our selves to blame, or to congratulate back we booty albatross for our selves, and we anguish not about attaining fame, but about accomplishing the best we can at whatever endeavor we undertake.

10 Celebrity Altogether Parties to Choose From for Your Abutting Bash

Celebrity birthdays are big-ticket and a little over the top. They can be contest that best will not experience. Or will they? Here are 10 top celebrity altogether parties and account on how to acclimatize them to become a achievable soiree for you and your own VIP guests.

Paris Hilton's 21st altogether was acclaimed with 5 parties. Location? 5 altered places about the apple and it amount $45,000 per person. Now that's how to arena in your 21st! A approved being can additionally accept 5 parties in capricious locations. This affordable version, however, requires you to lose the jet biking amid anniversary venue. Try a accelerating restaurant dining experience. List your favorite/trendiest/new hot spots. Again plan breadth to accept your cocktail, charm bouche, appetizer, capital dish, and assuredly dessert. Still comfortable yet abundant added affordable than Paris' amount tag.

Jessica Lowndes acclaimed her 21st with a Moulin Rouge affair at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Her guests were dressed up like showgirls beeline from the 1800s. There was a tarot agenda reader, a photo room, cupcakes throughout the apartment and a brace of monkeys abnormality around. This is achievable abundant for us non-celebrities. Hire a apartment if you can allow it but it's not necessary. Transform your affair breadth to reflect Moulin Rouge. Use a lot of red in your decorations. Use draped fabrics and pillows. Construct a windmill out of crafting cardboard and adhere it on your wall. Attending at pictures and feel inspired. If you demand to accumulate the dress accepted PG, again accept a attending at Nicole Kidman's apparel from the movie. It's not all corsets and stockings. And accept lots of red cupcakes.

Jay-Z had a Scarface affair for his the Dominican Republic. There was albino and caviar. His parents were the bedfellow of honor. To ensure he was the centermost of attention, he did accomplish Empire State of Mind. The admirable afterpiece of the night included a affectation of video messages, fireworks at midnight forth with synchronized swimmers. But the anniversary didn't end there. Abutting day saw a BBQ brunch and yachting. Ready for your at home version? Well, you can still accept albino and caviar but it'll apparently be abate calibration than Jay-Z's accouterment bill. But I'm abiding you won't accept 400 guests either. You too can accept your parents as the guests of account and I anticipate that would be absolutely adapted for them. Video letters can additionally be put calm but it would be ideal if your apron or acquaintance was in allegation of that project. As for the synchronized swimmers and fireworks, you may not demand to beforehand in that on such a admirable scale. You can set off those little non-professional blazon fireworks. Accomplishment off the anniversary with a brunch the abutting day at your home or if you apperceive a abundant brunch spot, accept your VIPs accompany you there.

Naomi Campbell spent about 2 actor dollars aerial accompany to Dubai breadth they advantaged in a 3 day celebration. Anniversary day had a altered theme. There was the "hip hop" theme, "all white" theme, and "Brazilian samba" theme. I say you too can accept a 3 day celebration. And accept anniversary day be a affair as well. Accept one day be your admired blush affair and banquet out at your admired spot. The abutting day can additionally be a Brazilian samba affair and go dancing about in your adjacency that would accept samba music. Your aftermost day can additionally be a hip hop affair and your big affair finale. Accept your guests appear dressed according to the theme, comedy that music and ball until you drop.

Beyonce Knowles had her abundant affair in The Darby restaurant in New York. It was abounding with white orchids and celebrity friends. Your at home version? Many restaurants accept a affair allowance that you can book. You don't about accept to pay to use the allowance but you do accept to alarm in beforehand to ensure you can assets it. Bonus, bushing it with flowers will be added affordable than bushing an absolute restaurant.

For Prince William's 24th, Miss Middleton was appear to accept organized an "Arabian Nights" themed party. You can absolutely accept this affair at home. Convert your affair amplitude into Morocco. Use fabrics to decorate. Adhere a few from the beam draping bottomward the bank like a Bedouin tent. You don't accept to do the accomplished allowance if the bolt is costly, aloof do the centermost of the room. Four sections of bolt can work. Check Asian areas in your boondocks as they'll accept cheaper bolt than your bounded alternation bolt store. Abode lot's of cushions on the attic for seating. Be abiding to use balmy affluent colors. Accept average eastern dishes including pitas with dips, grapes, broiled fruits, basics and a meat bowl for guests to enjoy. Put a bogie lamp on the alleviation table. Comedy accurate music in the background. And if you can, appoint a abdomen dancer.

Katy Perry's 25th was a abundant theme- "Charlie and the Amber Factory." Affair guests had to abrasion white and they larboard with neon acrylic splattered all over them. There was bonbon and Oompah Loompahs everywhere. The access was aflame with ablaze atramentous lights. You too can accept this affair at home. Accept your guests abrasion all white but acquaint them that they ability get acrylic on it. Accept neon non-toxic paint. Mix it up a bit and accept a boom breadth you can cascade the acrylic on the tom-tom so aback guests exhausted on it, the acrylic will beat all over them. Hire a atramentous ablaze to add a abundant effect. Accept bonbon and amber everywhere.

Britney Spears had a bazaar affair for her 27th altogether in New York. Her affair had jugglers, a man on stilts and carnival concessions. There were bazaar images projected assimilate a awning outside. This is an accessible affair that can be done at a home party. Finding bazaar themed decorations will be accessible abundant as it is popular. Attending into hiring jugglers or drag walkers. Set up carnival concessions like affection candy, hot dogs and popcorn. Accept bazaar images arena in the accomplishments on your tv or computer screen. As the altogether woman/man, you get affirmation to dress up as the ringmaster. Encourage your guests to dress up as bobcat tamers, aerobatics artists, contortionists etc. Also, set up some carnival games.

Justin Bieber rang in his 16th in a added archetypal appearance with bowling, wrestling, basin fun and lot's of cake. You can hire sumo angry apparel which are absolutely fun to participate in. Start out at the bowling alleyway again arch aback to the affair abode and accept a few sumo matches and accomplishment by digging into some cake.

Christina Aguilera's 28th was a "Clockwork Orange" affair party. She was dressed up in a bowler hat, jumpsuit, and the adapted makeup. There were affection bonbon mojitos and an orange altogether cake. Another abstraction you can charm at home. Go to your bounded apparel boutique to get the apparel together. Encourage guests to dress up aural the affair too. Serve an orange block as well.

Your altogether accident will be admirable with any of these celebrity parties you acclimate to fit your budget.

Celebrate Birthdays With a Blast

While every altogether in someone's activity is a appropriate day, some angle out amid the rest.

These celebrations tend to be added busy and so do the gifts. Many announce a advancing of age, which are accompanied by added responsibilities and privileges.

Typically the aboriginal altogether in a child's activity is a account for big celebration. This is generally the case, alike admitting a 1-year-old adolescent apparently doesn't accept what's activity on and won't bethink it. The affair sometimes becomes added for adults with developed ancestors and accompany attending.

On their aboriginal birthday, best accouchement are accustomed either their own baby block or their own allotment to eat about they like. This is usually blowzy because they go at it with their easily and mouths.

The abutting best important anniversary altogether is usually the 13th. This is back a adolescent clearly becomes a jailbait and begins to mature.

In some religions this is the year that a adolescent becomes an developed and begins to booty on developed responsibilities. Many adolescence attending advanced to axis 13.

On their 16th altogether best US states acquiesce a boyhood to accurately drive after their parents present. Teenagers are usually acquisitive to about-face 16.

When a jailbait celebrates his 18th birthday, they are able to accurately vote, accompany the aggressive and are now advised an adult. This is an agitative time in their lives. The abutting anniversary altogether is the all-important 21st birthday. Twenty-one is the acknowledged bubbler age in the US.

Some accede the 35th altogether to be the abutting above birthday. This marks an age back association in best countries can run for the accomplished political office, such as, President of the United States.

After that, 40 is advised notable and again about every ten years that is a account for a big celebration.

Me Versus the Altogether Block - Celebrating Birthdays Afterwards Giving Up One's Goals

There it sat, accurately dab in the centermost of the kitchen table. Too ample to fit in the refrigerator afterwards rearranging shelves, it was a beaming in all its chocolaty goodness, adorable unto all, "Come hither. Taste of my affluent and caloric pleasures."

This was not your archetypal white block with auto frosting and "Happy Birthday" illegibly scribbled on the top. To allocate the two in the aforementioned class would be to say that the Mona Lisa was refrigerator art. It was my wife's altogether and she accurately asked me NOT to aces up an accustomed run-of-the-mill, accustomed cake. Rather I should especially adjustment the "Excalibur" from our bounded bakery. When pastry has its own accustomed name, it has ascended (like its namesake) to the degree of legend.

The Excalibur is not demure. It is the amplitude of Texas and the acme of Colorado. Inside, it is layered; white cake, amber cake, white, chocolate, and repeat. Flowing abundantly amid the layers is a ganache, a candied buttery amber bushing with abundant amoroso to abutment a army of dentists in their life's work. Poured abundantly over the absolute comestible assemble is a boatload of boilerplate icing and abundant amber blanket to overflow Lake Shasta. On its flat, bland aphotic acme sits a atom of aerated chrism with one red maraschino cherry.

To alone boring aloft the Excalibur causes one to accretion seven pounds.

When I brought it home, per my wife's appeal (or should I say "orders"), we stared, gape-eyed. I am assertive that as I placed it on our table, a choir of adorable angels sang and a ablaze from aloft shone into our kitchen.

"Wow!" I said, actuality the adept of adumbration (and already adversity from a bathetic contact-high).

"It's absolutely abundant beyond than I expected," replied my wife, burning hard. "Don't worry, I won't eat it all."

"I was affectionate of acquisitive you would," I said, wiping saliva from my chin.

My bedrock bottom, my base - the accident that propelled me advanced to lose my 70 pounds - was a horrid, out of ascendancy adventure on my 39th birthday. Alone, backward at night, I ate the absolute butt of my own altogether block from its blush box home anxiously placed in the garbage. Therefore, a block of this ability aural arresting ambit of my discipline was an experiment.

However, should my wife never accept been born, my activity would not be as sweet. Therefore, it seemed adapted to bless with one allotment of cake. The absoluteness remember, is not one being is ample because of a SLICE of cake; it's all the others that followed. I would eat one and alone one.

Here's the kicker. Afterwards 15 years of anxiously ecology my animosity and accomplishments and abounding times activity I would never "get it;" it seems I did. I chock-full afterwards one aloof slice. The block survived the week, eaten by others in reasonable portions. But never - not already - did I bastard a allotment or trim its frosting with my fingers.

It was my wife's birthday, a account of celebration. Yet the ability that I could assuredly ascendancy this constant addiction was a allowance for me.

The niche market of Celebrity Art

Many people who collect art celebrities are interested in starting small businesses that fit a specific niche. The market niche of the celebrities of art is a great way to preserve history and keep track of your favorite celebrity. This market includes the work of various actors, musicians, singers and athletes, who have taken the time to create art celebrity photographs, paintings and drawings. Famous artists like John Lennon, Jerry Garcia and Paul McCartney, and many artists have created thousands of work.

By collecting these works of art that is very important that you check to see if this art is genuine celebrity. You can also find the works of Fame at some of the biggest celebrity art collections in the world. Many of these collections of art work of people like James Dean and Frank Sinatra, who despite being busy entertaining everyone still find time to create art works that show how creative are some celebrities.

Many celebrities have made a lot of money in the niche market of sales of artistic creation as much as $ 50,000 in a painting or a sculpture. Others have found a niche doing work in the genre of celebrity more contemporary art and current. In some cases, the art in this place can be found at auctions, for people who take the art of celebrity seriously. These celebrity auctions and galleries in places like Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York and Beverly Hills, where celebrities live. In addition, some famous in a posture of goodwill, you can send free autographed photos to sell some of their artwork.

The online purchase of celebrities of art can be done through one of the many art shops have an online gallery or auction sites. Artists such as Marilyn Manson and Peter Falk is the art of being sold in an online auction. Some charity auctions are also places where you can find art celebrity. In this niche of many collectors are looking for high quality, autographed celebrity art to sell to their customers or to take their private collections. The celebrity art collectors have often authenticated and signed by the celebrity, to ensure the quality and originality of these pieces. You can buy these products to create her collection of celebrities and be able to share with the world by showing in a gallery or selling online.

Another thing you can do in this market niche is to organize a celebrity charity auction using these pieces of art for you to raise money for children or people need surgical procedures are performed. With the money earned on this money, people will get the help they need and often their own celebrities in an effort to help get to the meeting to support the validity of his art and to help raise the funds. If you are in the art of celebrity, you can find many different ways to use to make money and many ways to charge for your own collection.

How to buy autographed celebrity photos

Most die hard fans no doubt eager for celebrity memorabilia collecting the various works that the celebrity has been involved in. This is especially true when it comes to celebrities participating in the film and music industry. The most avid collectors will generally focus their collection of celebrities on the basis of one or a handful of celebrities. Then work harder to pick up objects of interest both in this celebrity or group.

For most collectors, you will definitely want to buy or obtain and autographed photos of famous for his collection. Obtaining an autographed picture of your favorite celebrity is undoubtedly the greatest achievement to any collection of collectors. Find a real picture with a real legitimate and autographs of the celebrity in question brings more life to the collection. This is due to the fact that you now own an item that has actually been touched and seen by the celebrity that you have a collection.

There are many methods and routes that can take a collector to buy an autographed picture of celebrities. For starters, a collector may visit the website of celebrity that is waiting to get an autographed photo. In general, you can find the time and place auctions of memorabilia related to their specific celebrations will take place, by visiting their website.

In fact, many celebrities based sites conduct auctions on a monthly auction in which a number of autographed celebrity photos the person is the website promotion. These pictures are usually approved autographed celebrity and have proven to be authentic. Each photograph shall be accompanied by an authentication certificate along with a guarantee that the real celebrity in question's own signed autographs.

Another method that many collectors use to get autographed photos of celebrities, is to go out of state or local celebrity souvenir shops. These stores specialize in objects and in general perform celebrities autographed photos of celebrities. Also take the time to ensure that all photos are selling one hundred percent legitimate and test them for authentication.

However, sometimes you will find corrupt owners who claim that a celebrity autographed photo is genuine in his shop, when in fact it is not. Make sure you do your homework and investigate any place you are considering buying an autographed picture of celebrity. You will need to contact the Better Business Bureau and make sure they have a good reputation. Also, ask them questions to see what is the process that led to ensure that the article in question is genuine. If you use an authentication service, be sure to investigate and check them out and to ensure that you are getting what you're looking for.

A final method in purchasing autographed celebrity photos is to look at private sellers who are parting ways with pieces of their collections. These vendors usually can be found on the Internet and can usually be found at sites of celebrities. However, as with all methods that can be used to purchase autographed photos of celebrities, be sure to check the authenticity of the product before committing to a purchase.

Christmas Celebration - Christmas Traditions in the World

Christmas is an annual festival held on December 25 that commemorates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Celebration of Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations for people who belong to the Christian faith. Christmas is celebrated with good humor in different parts of the world. No matter where you are in the world, Christmas is a holiday is always an exciting and magical. Regardless of how religious we may feel that we can all share and enjoy the many Christmas gifts that the season of goodwill ultimately leads to more religious can embrace all the spiritual gifts of the Christmas party , while the most secular among us can enjoy a variety of more mundane.

In fact, the celebration of Christmas is truly a global celebration. Although the traditions and foods associated with it vary with culture, climate, and the country, including calendar, the spirit of the day transcends all differences. Christmas gifts are usually exchanged between family members, friends, family and loved ones, that generosity also extends to food. After all, there must be something special behind the decision to stay up all night making sausages and pies, and then spend most of Christmas morning to cook a tasty dinner. Modern customs of the holiday include gift-giving, church celebrations, and the display of various decorations, including Christmas trees, mistletoe, lights, nativity scenes and holly.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world who aroused the curiosity of the faithful to celebrate this festival with the enjoyment and fun. Christmas celebration is not only one of the most celebrated events of Christians all over the world, but people of all religions celebrate this holiday in a fun way. Celebration of Christmas is an enjoyable experience for all the devotees, who has become more popular, arousing the enthusiasm, curiosity and acute observation of all types of devotees. Christmas Eve is the main day of the major Christmas celebration before Christmas. The celebration of Christmas begins on the evening of December 24, maintaining the importance of Christmas Eve, in terms of popular customs is greater than the same day. On this day, the Christmas tree is manifested in all its splendor, the Yule log is solemnly lighted in many lands and the most distinctive Christmas meal takes place. Churches are served by candlelight, which is, of course, held in early afternoon. It is also seen as the night when Santa Claus makes his rounds giving gifts to good children.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world who aroused the curiosity of the faithful to celebrate this festival with the enjoyment and fun. Christmas celebration is not only one of the most celebrated events of Christians all over the world, but people of all religions celebrate this holiday in a fun way. Celebration of Christmas is an enjoyable experience for all the devotees, who has become more popular, arousing the enthusiasm, curiosity and acute observation of all types of devotees. Christmas Eve is the main day of the major Christmas celebration before Christmas. The celebration of Christmas begins on the evening of December 24, maintaining the importance of Christmas Eve, in terms of popular customs is greater than the same day. On this day, the Christmas tree is manifested in all its splendor, the Yule log is solemnly lighted in many lands and the most distinctive Christmas meal takes place. Churches are served by candlelight, which is, of course, held in early afternoon. It is also seen as the night when Santa Claus makes his rounds giving gifts to good children.

Gift Suites - History and current state of the industry of celebrity Product Placement

In this article we will discuss the history of the famous product placement, the importance of celebrity in the marketing of the association, the objectives of a joint gift is properly managed and reduced efficiency in current set gift industry.

Celebrities and marketing have been linked since the beginning of Hollywood films. Celebrities influence fashion and lifestyle more effectively than any other promotion. Increases in sales of a certain type of car, clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, furniture, food and beverages, have even been directly linked to the celebrity association. Even in the early days of film companies trying to get their products shown on the big screen. It is the most powerful and effective marketing on the planet. He has worked for over a century and is working harder than ever in the age of technology with the media in the transmission of electronic bulletin boards, computers and even mobile phones for billions of people every day.

The concept is very powerful because it is incredibly simple. Consumers, of course, accept the products and services used by people who admire or accept popular culture. If you can associate your brand with a person who is commonly accepted their product will be accepted. Marketing strategy is the most tested and proven over the earth, and it works.

Enterprises in 1900 tried to get their products in the small number of films produced each year. It was a difficult Today there are hundreds of films produced annually, more than 200 TV channels, hundreds of magazines, and thousands of websites. The celebrity gift suite has become the best way for companies to get their products and services to celebrities.

The absolute best way to build the association between a product and a celebrity is through a red carpet photo. This photo shows a foot of celebrities against a wall covered with a company logo. The logic behind the photo is simply "Celebrity + Logo = celebrity brand association." A gift suite celebrity should each take a picture with the logo of a company and, in return for the celebrity is endowed quality products and services.

Gift Suites began as a private room where celebrities were products of companies with the hope that it could be photographed or filmed at a later date. This strategy was full of hope, but rarely succeeded. Some suites gifts began producing large media walls with dozens of logos. The celebrities that come and stand before the walls of the press and take pictures. This strategy worked very well, but only useful for one or two company logos captured in the photo. Dozens of other logos on the wall is not news and therefore there would be no benefit.

Gift Suites once to dozens of celebrities. The current average in the Oscar, Emmy and other award shows were two celebrities. There are many reasons for this decline. Gifts bathroom organizers have been allowed access to hundreds of non-celebrities. The suites have become gifts as corporate gifts and parties are realizing the value of marketing little or nothing to give away hundreds of products for people who can not help create the famous brand association. Because companies do not like losing the product tend to give lower-value goods. With less valuable merchandise and a party atmosphere, like real celebrities have less incentive to participate. This cycle has led the industry down.

At present there are about a dozen companies that produce major Hollywood gift suites. The purpose of having a celebrity come and take a photo next to a logo of the company in exchange for a product does not exist. The power of the placement of celebrity and fame of the product product association is as strong as ever, but the gift industry is lost in a sea of ​​parties and non-commercial activities.

When selecting a company gifts is important for a company achieve its marketing objectives "Get a picture of celebrities alongside the company logo." Marketing is the reason for Birthday Gifts. It is important to choose gifts appropriate services as part of the marketing plan of a company.

The suites gifts of the year are: Golden Globes, Grammys, SAG Awards, Oscar and Emmy. There are dozens of awards shows and other private rooms present all over the calendar. The classrooms are very different and should be evaluated to meet your business goals before passing the fee and providing valuable products.

Best Male Celebrity hairstyles

"Celebrity Hairstyles" The term simply refers to the styles that come to be much more appreciated, thanks to his being elected by the hairstyles of celebrities and other opinion leaders.

Some are unique, or even new haircuts, "discovered" and brought to light by the celebrities in question. Others are old and well known hairstyles, classic hairstyles so to speak, who are always in the limelight, but are "recently" popularized by the celebrity in question. A celebrity can have a traditional hairstyle was a point of being outdated, say the punk haircut (as now), and to begin to be seen with him, make him a very popular hairstyle again . This is probably the case that the celebrity in question is a loved one.

The celebrities in question here, of course, could include any variety: from star athletes, charismatic politicians, movie stars, musicians and preachers phenomenal, even popular.

Since each point in time has its own 'celebrities' (thanks to the need for role models rooted in humans), each point in time is also required to have its celebrity hairstyles inspired by the celebrities of the moment . So armed with this background information about celebrity hairstyles, we can turn to a discussion of the best male celebrity hairstyles.

As a result, there is never a point of unanimity as to which the most famous hairstyles for men (or not) they are. What appears as "better" than a person can be very unpleasant for another, so that this issue is always a subject of perpetual conjecture.

Best male celebrity hairstyles therefore vary from one group of people to another, depending on their interests and those they consider to be their role models (or famous).

What is important to note is that, even though what can be called pretty universally accepted "best" male celebrity hairstyles emerge tend not to become a phenomenon, used by everyone. This is different in the case of emerging as the best female celebrity hairstyles, that in obtaining regulatory approvals of celebrities, fashion tend to become more important, used by all women who want to appear "hip" .

This disparity between the rates of adoption of the best known men haircuts and women hairstyles best celebrity is primarily due to the fact that the male psyche tends to be more difficult to alter. Men are "stubborn" and psychologists who study these things tell us to follow, the male mind is less prone to the persuasion of the female psyche. So we ended up with a situation in which the best male celebrity hairstyles get much admired by men, but not as widely adopted by them (as they prefer to keep their styles, as they say). A man has to be "self" is a general feeling expressed in this regard.

However, there are some really good men celebrity hairstyles, which manages to penetrate the barrier of stubbornness, and will find widespread adoption in male circles. Those - and they tend to be few and far between - are the best hairstyles really famous men.

God wants us to celebrate!

Santo riot! Did you know that God loves our celebrations? He loves to watch their children celebrate. He is not a cruel tyrant, man, but a happy God, which has set certain times of the celebration of his people. The goal of God is for us to be in continuous celebration. The Holy Spirit has inspired a plan for us to celebrate happy events in our lives and the lives of others close to us. If you want to know how "a merry heart has a continual feast" (Prov.15: 15), read on. And if, like many others, are finding that the celebrations typical of the western world will be empty, knowing God's system of the celebrations.

God wants us to celebrate to show our appreciation for his love and grace in our lives. He wants to be with us in the unit for your enjoyment we will elaborate on in our hearts. This becomes a curative medicine for ourselves and those around us. Celebration demonstrates our love for God in which we commit to love Him with all our strength, will, mind and heart.

When we receive the blessings, gifts and promises of God, He expects to spend time in the celebration. It helps us to accept what God has given us. It also allows the Holy Spirit time to work with us so that we grow in knowledge, wisdom and discernment. Then you can see, use, or cause others to be blessed by what has happened to us.

When God gives a promised gift, He expects us to celebrate in the Holy Spirit with songs and prayers of thanksgiving.

When He gives us a new understanding or a new truth, we will celebrate in fasting, prayers, chants and meditations (14 days).

When God blesses us with a marriage (14 days), a new child (30 days), a friend, a grandchild, a new brother or sister in Christ, or one that has been recovered, we will celebrate by showing love for one meeting friends, for God's praises, cries of joy and through the issuance of blessings (7 days).

When blessed with a friend or a child who has accepted Jesus and was baptized going to celebrate by the parties, give blessings, songs of joy and prayers of thanksgiving (7 days).

When God blesses us with an anointing, a sort, or a ministry, we will celebrate by fasting, prayers, Bible studies and intensive meditation. These ministries do not become effective until the times are past celebration. And God bless the works of these ministries as they are performed in accordance with his will (14 days).

When Jesus comes into us to heal the bitterness and / or deep wounds, to end long-term pain or give us repentance for the sins of pets, is celebrated for the first time in prayer, and then cheers and finally, in the study to understand what price they had to pay to heal our souls. It is a time of learning for the improvement and maintenance of what Jesus has given us (7 days).

When our race was run and your body takes place, God has given us a special celebration in our mind that performance as a last gift to God. It is the prayer of deliverance and thanksgiving for life - for the winners in Jesus.

The deconsolidation of errors is a celebration of devotion to God - a time of fasting, songs of thanksgiving, study, prayer and meditation. It is a joyous time (7 days).

When God answers our prayers, we celebrate a day of song in our hearts.

When God gives a divine miracle today, live, three of the songs of celebration, prayer and confession of the mercies of God in our lives are in order.

When our Father gives the gift of life zoe, he hopes to spend the rest of our lives in the celebration and the songs of joy to God.

God wants us to celebrate the anniversary date or at our new birth, baptism, marriage, ministry and even our birthday with songs of thanksgiving and gatherings of friends to the blessings and prayers topic.

The time of the celebration of a boy coming of age is 2 days, receiving a gift of the Holy Spirit is 7 days and a miracle in the life of a partner, child or friend is 1 day.

Run times of celebration as accumulation. God's goal in all this is for us the habit of continuous celebration.

In writing to celebrities for autographs

One of the easiest ways to build a collection of autographed celebrity photos is to ask themselves celebrities for photos. Transmission of these autographed photos is actually a very smart career move for such celebrities as it helps to build their fan base and get people excited and talking about these celebrities. It only makes sense for these celebrities to honor the requests of their fans and keep them happy. If you are looking to get an autographed photo of a celebrity of your favorite stars, there are only a few simple steps you will take!

First, you should write a brief letter to the celebrity, expressing his admiration for his talent and ask for an autographed photo that can be added to your collection. If your letter is concise and respectful, there will be no reason for denying the celebrity desires. One of the main tasks of a celebrity is to keep fans happy for a happy fan ensures an interest in his career for a long time. If a celebrity comes out of his way to ignore or disrespect a fan, this does not bode well for his public image.

Second, every time I write to request an autographed photo of celebrities, which must include a stamped envelope. This is only polite that you are asking the star to send you something. You should not ask the celebrity to pay shipping costs as well. Sending a stamped self-addressed, you are greatly increasing their chances of receiving a response from your favorite celebrity with something special inside. This envelope will ensure that not only the celebrity and his team have to pay for the postage to send the autographed photo back to you, but the envelope is not properly address and sent somewhere else by mistake .

Many people also consider sending a photo of the celebrity to sign. If you apply for a celebrity photo does not happen to have photos in hand, your request may be lost in the shuffle. In addition, by sending a photo, everything celebrity is asking for his autograph. No need to provide more than a small fraction of the time. With much to gain and almost nothing to lose, any celebrity will this small amount of time and effort to make their fans happy.

The most important thing to remember in the collection of autographed celebrity photos is to always be respectful of the star. Giving them as little to do as possible to make you happy, the chances of doing so are far greater. Any celebrity would love to please a fan and when needs very little to do to accomplish this task, many celebrities would love the opportunity. You must remember that these people are famous just for fans like you and, while still being respectful to them, you can encourage them to show their appreciation with an autograph.

Find famous paintings of famous art

The niche market for famous art paintings has been increasing over the last decade. The reason for this is due to the U.S. obsession with celebrity and fame. In fact, it is common for newspapers and magazines to discuss and report on the life of celebrities, then it is to really be informed about world events or "news worthy" topics. This obsession with celebrity and fame has led to a very dramatic increase and almost shocking in the sale and the value of art of celebrity.

Collectors and fans are also very aware that obtaining, collecting, and selling of art of celebrity is a very beneficial way to earn a living. This is why more and more collectors and fans have been looking for the art of celebrity to add to your base or collections of celebrity-based entertainment.

Value in art paintings popularity increases and in some cases declining popularity of the celebrities. For example, a celebrity who remains at the peak of his career and seems to be more popular with each passing year is highly sought after when it comes to celebrities of art.

Collectors are not stupid and realize that a work of folk art paintings are worth their weight in gold in the future after retirement, or even dead. In fact, the art of a deceased celebrity actually bring more money than a celebrity life. The reasoning for this is simple. Once a celebrity has died no longer be able to continue creating works of art. Therefore, the art of a dead celebrity collectors are considered rare and die hard fans, and celebrity pay almost anything with the art of celebrity itself.

On the other side a celebrity who has become a "spectacle" that also created the art, his art will sell more and more. This is usually due to scandals or "circus" surrounding the celebrity in question.

Two examples are Michael Jackson and Britney Britain. Both races started with celebrities well known and publicized. His concerts sold to millions of people and they were the golden children of the media. However, when his personal life began to spiral out of control and began to grow blurred images on the media attention, its value when it comes to collectibles and art, actually increased.

Increased due to the fact that his fame grew despite the fact that his records did not sell as well as usual. The notoriety of these celebrities actually adds great value to his paintings. It will always be remembered for his career that changed the music, but it will be remembered more for the circus that developed in his personal life began to crumble and grows strange.

These are just some reasons why the art market niche celebrity has been increasing and will continue to grow over the next decade. No matter what world events occur, people do not get tired of celebrities and will do whatever is necessary to obtain a small piece of his life either in the form of autographed photos or original artwork created by the celebrity in question.

Finding a buyer for their celebrity photos

There may come a time when either voluntarily or involuntarily deciding to part with celebrity photos in your collection. Whether it's pictures of celebrities in general that you have taken or bought in recent years. This also goes for autographed celebrity photos that are left.

When it comes to finding a buyer for their celebrity photos, there are many routes you can take to make a sale.

First thing to find out who your target buyer is. If you have photos of the celebrity of a single character, you might want to start target buyers who have a taste for that particular individual. The best way is to do basic research on the Internet. Visit the fan related websites that promote the celebrity you own photos of you. The most likely find forums where you can publish information about the celebrity photos you are trying to sell. You can also specify the terms and prices. Fans of this celebrity who stumble upon your ad, and are serious about celebrity certainly contact you if interested. This will greatly reduce the leg work to try to find a buyer for their celebrity photos. Just place the ad and wait for buyers to contact you.

Another method is tested to determine the value and worth of your photos. You can then do a search on the Internet or making phone calls to find out when celebrity memorabilia auction will take place in your area. You can contact these organizations and describe the elements that are trying to put on the market. However, you have to have the items evaluated and if the photos of celebrities have an autograph from them, will have to get that proof of authenticity to ensure that the autograph is legitimate.

As long as your celebrity photos contains a celebrity who is very popular, then the chances of finding a buyer that are excellent. If photos of celebrities who have a celebrity is deceased, it is likely that, if the picture is rare and contains an autograph, you will be able to do a lot of money from the sale of the photo. The most rare and hard to find pictures of celebrities is, the more money you make when you find a buyer.

Make sure you have all authentication certificates or other official documents that can take photos of the celebrity to the buyer in sight. If the buyer asks to prove the authenticity of the photos, make sure you do not let the buyer walk away with the photos. According to cost controls, but never let the pictures out of sight.

The best method to get the most money for your pictures of celebrities to sell the picture for yourself to find buyers who are interested in the celebrity who appears in his photographs. This way you can set the terms and price of the photo, without having to worry about how much money can or can not get to place it in an auction of celebrity.

Celebrity Wedding Rings - You Can Be Like the Stars, Too

Celebrity Wedding Rings - You Can Be Like the Stars, Too

Whether we like it or not, the truth is that the lives of celebrities are scrutinized with magnifying glass-curiosity by the paparazzi, the media and fans alike. In fact, celebrities rule the airwaves and gossip columns today. Every little detail of a celebrity's life is usually big news among the public at large, and one such aspect is the celebrity wedding rings flashed by our favorite star couples. Among the ardent fans of celebrities, are couples who would love nothing more than to own and wear celebrity weddings bands, as similar as possible to the ones worn by their celebrity heroes.

The fact remains that today many couples wish to be different in terms of their wedding styles, themes and even their wedding rings. It is specifically such couples who are also choosing celebrity wedding rings. If you and your partner wish to own and wear celebrity wedding bands as close as possible to those worn by your favorite celebrity couples, there are some simple ways to do this. For a start, you may color-copy, or scan the designs of the celebrity wedding rings worn by the particular celebrity couple from a close-up of the same, published in any glossy, celebrity magazine. If you succeed in getting a reasonably, legible scanned picture or laser color-copy, you can get an experienced designer of celebrity wedding bands to come up with a more detailed, illustration.

There are several jewelers who can come up with prototypes of the final designs you present to them. Such jewelers can then easily make your celebrity wedding bands at a cost far cheaper than the originals of your favorite star couple. On the other hand, there are also several certified, jewelers who have a range of celebrity wedding rings that are identical to the ones worn by top celebrities, although not necessarily of the same precious metal or gemstone authenticity. The advantage here is, that you will not only have celebrity wedding bands that are virtually identical copies to their celebrity-worn originals, but at a price far less than their originals.

Perhaps, why many young couples are desirous of having look-alike, celebrity wedding rings, is that it gives them a sense of confidence, style, sophistication, and, above all, the satisfaction of being different. Thankfully, with the widespread interest among people in the lives of celebrities, coupled with the power of the media, the opportunities to find actual photographs of the celebrity wedding rings and reproduce them have become extremely easy. While it's true that original, celebrity wedding rings or celebrity wedding bands, cost enormous sums of money, inexpensive, copies of such wedding rings can be made by any experienced and professional jeweler, using cheaper grades of metal and gemstones.

In the final analysis however, celebrity wedding rings will certainly reflect your sense of style, personality and taste and that of your partner's, as well as give the overall atmosphere of the wedding you've planned, a degree of sophistication. However, what matters most is, the love that you and your partner share. After all, the real celebrities ... are you.

Celebrity Sunglasses Are So Popular - Learn Why

Celebrity Sunglasses Are So Popular - Learn Why

In today's world people sometimes look up to celebrities and copy their styles. We all have favorite stars that we admire and we follow their styles very closely. People that follow their favorite celebrity's styles sometimes know more about what they wear than their own families. And like to wear the same things that these celebrities wear. What these celebrities wear seems to be very important to their fans. Sometimes a designer will make a special product for a particular celebrity to wear that they know will be popular with the people that admire the celebrity. When the celebrity puts on the product and looks good wearing it, than people are more likely to buy the product. Celebrity sunglasses are so popular learn why people are so crazy about these types of sunglasses.

Celebrity sunglasses are in style with people of all ages. They like the bold colors, shapes and designs that come along with these types of sunglasses. When the celebrity looks fabulous wearing a certain item than the fans will want to follow along with the same thing. No matter what the celebrity is wearing someone will want to purchase one just like it. Sunglasses are a big fashion accessory for a celebrity. What ever style and design they choose to wear they seem to look good in them. Each celebrity has their favorite designer glasses that they swear by. These glasses make a fashion statement for the celebrity and what they are wearing. Their fans want to copy off of them to get the same look as the celebrity.

Celebrity sunglasses are so popular learn why this is a fact. The most popular celebrities endorse designer items. These items turn into a new fashion statements and are sold to many people. The name of the sunglasses is than well known and turns into a popular product that is sold to many people. Celebrity sunglasses come in a wide range of prices depending on the designer and how popular they have become. When buying celebrity sunglasses make sure that they are a style that you like and would wear and just not because your favorite celebrity is wearing them.

As long as we have our favorite celebrities to look up to there will be popular celebrity sunglasses. Most celebrities have their own sense of style and that is why there are so many popular designer glasses available to choose from. Celebrity sunglasses give us a form of expressing the styles of glasses we like to wear. Some people like to wear the big sunglasses while others prefer smaller sunglasses. Celebrity sunglasses are more fashionable and stylish than plain sunglasses. Every year sunglasses are made in new styles and designs that become very popular. All the newest designs of sunglasses are worn by our favorite celebrities. These designer sunglasses seem to never go out of style. They are sunglasses that we wear to support our favorite celebrities. These sunglasses give us the same fashion style as the celebrities we like to admire.

Celebrity Leg Gallery - Celebrities With Nice Legs

Celebrity Leg Gallery - Celebrities With Nice Legs

Television and movie fans are obsessed with today's hottest celebrities. Pictures and photographs of these celebrities are posted all over the Internet for fans to view. Photographers in Hollywood make tons of money taking pictures of famous celebrities. Some fans even want to see pictures of celebrities' legs, which leads them to search for a celebrity leg gallery online. These galleries showcase famous people's legs in different clothing, outfits, lighting, and shoes.

Viewing the Legs

The online galleries of celebrities' legs try to showcase the legs in as many different ways as possible. Photographers try to capture pictures of the legs in various ways. When viewing these pictures on the Internet, fans will notice the variety of shoes the celebrities are wearing. Legs are shown wearing high heels, sandals, stilettos, tennis shoes, bedroom shoes, and more. Every shoe holds the foot differently, so the legs look different in the pictures, too. Celebrities are also photographed wearing as many different types of outfits as possible to show the legs in varying ways. Fans will see celebrities wearing dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, bathing suits, and possibly even nude. The legs photograph differently depending on how much is actually showing.

Good Versus Bad

When viewing a celebrity leg gallery, fans will certainly see that some photographers try to show the legs of celebrities in a positive way. The photographers try to make the celebrities look as good as possible. Other photographers take the opposite approach and try to show the legs in the most negative way possible. These photographers take pictures of the celebrities' legs when they look the worst. Sometimes, fans can be looking at the same celebrity's legs and not realize the legs belong to the same person because different photographers took the pictures and showed the legs in different ways.

Leg Games

There are even games on the Internet that people can play dealing with the legs of celebrities. One such game has fans try to figure out who the celebrity is based on pictures of a celebrity's legs. These games are extremely fun because they are harder to play than one would first imagine. Fans really have to know their celebrities to play these games.

Types of Celebrities

All types of celebrities can have their photos in a celebrity leg gallery. Some examples of these include actors, actresses, singers, musicians, heiresses, TV reporters, athletes, American Idols, and other famous people. Anybody who is anybody can end up with leg pictures in these galleries.

Team Building Celebration Plan -- Perfect For Any Time of Year

Team Building Celebration Plan -- Perfect For Any Time of Year

When was your last team celebration? Have you been way too busy to bother? Sometimes we get so caught up in day-to-day work that we don't take the time to step back and celebrate success. Some teams may even consider team celebrations as "silly."

It's critical to celebrate success if you want your team to maintain their high performance. Successes are the "motivating fuel" that keeps all of us pushing toward achieving the "bigger and better" goals that we set.

What types of team interaction and discussions normally occur on a day-to-day basis with your team? If you're like most businesses, it's along the lines of the following:

- What's going wrong with the current project.

- Recovering from changes that impact your product or service schedule negatively.

- How to satisfy a disgruntled customer.

If all of your team interactions focus on what's wrong with your business, what happens over time? Team members lose sight of the positive things they do. This can have a demoralizing effect on a team and your business.

Team celebrations help a team bond together. This helps the members maintain focus on their common goals and direction. And, celebrations often help team members deal with stressful changes and prevent "burn-out." They provide revitalization for the team.

Has your team celebrated any successes lately? What did they celebrate? How did they celebrate? For some teams, it's necessary to add structure to the celebration process to ensure that they make the time. To do this, use our three-step process:

1. Identify What To Celebrate

2. Determine How To Celebrate

3. Create A Celebration Action Plan

1. Identify What To Celebrate

It's important to determine what events or activities the team should celebrate. These can be major events or events that help the team reach a milestone. Get your team together and brainstorm a list. Your list might look like the list below.

- Identifying and solving a major roadblock (e.g., customer or quality related issue).

- Taking on added responsibility.

- Adding new team members.

- Dealing with a project crisis.

With the group together, determine the activities your team wants to celebrate.

2. Determine How To Celebrate

Next, identify how you could celebrate. Again, with your team together, brainstorm some celebration activities. These don't have to be major. They could be fun stress relievers or activities that help make your team more visible to upper management. Some ideas are included below:

- Create a presentation for upper management highlighting the team's achievement. Present with all team members in attendance.

- Have the entire team meet with a customer during an on-site visit.

- Invite a senior manager to your team meeting.

- Bring snacks to a team meeting.

- Put congratulatory posters on the wall.

Determine how your team would like to celebrate. Remember, team celebrations don't have to be expensive, time consuming, or difficult to plan. Team celebrations can be formal or impromptu. The key of the team celebration is that it must be sincere.

3. Create A Celebration Action Plan

Create a celebration action plan for the team for (at least) the next six-month time frame. Once the action plan is created, have your team plan the first celebration that will occur in the coming months. This gives them something to look forward to while accomplishing team objectives.

It will take a little effort on your team's part to complete this process, but the pay back in productivity will be worth it. Get going. It's time to celebrate!

Cruise Vacations With Celebrities - 5 Tips

Cruise Vacations With Celebrities - 5 Tips

Cruising with celebrities may be gaining in popularity. You might have seen ads on TV saying in essence that your favorite celebrity will be on a certain cruise and asking fans of the celebrity to take the cruise too. But one question you might want to ask is ...

Is cruising with a celebrity worth the money?

Now, this is not to be confused with 'Celebrity Cruise Lines' which is a popular cruse line. Celebrity cruises are cruise vacations that a number of cruise lines offer and they all feature a celebrity who will be on the cruise. Popular movie stars, TV stars and musicians may be paid by a cruise line to be on a particular cruise with the intention that fans of the celebrity will be attracted to the cruise.

Now, taking a cruise vacation with your favorite celebrity might be a great thing to do, but you may want to ask some questions about whether it will be really worth your money since celebrity cruises actually might cost more than normal cruises. Here are a few such questions that might help you make a better choice ...

1. Why is the celebrity taking the cruise ? While a celebrity might be paid to be on the cruise, some also take a cruise to promote their upcoming movies, shows or music albums. If so, then you might get to see some behind the scenes footage and the like. While this is not guaranteed, it might be a possibility. If that excites you, then you may count that as a reason to take the cruise ... or not.

Many celebrities also promote their favorite charities on a cruise and if you are interested in the charity as well, then there might be another reason. That would be an opportunity for you to make a positive difference in the lives of people as well as get to meet your celebrity.

2. How Long will the celebrity be on board? Some celebrities may be on board for a couple of days or less partly due to their busy schedules. You might want to consider the length of time the celebrity will be on board the cruise to determine if the cruise will really be worth the money.

3. What promotional events are scheduled? Promotional events on a celebrity cruise may be established well ahead of time and you may want to know what they will be. Will you be able to dine with, get an autograph or meet the celebrity?

4. How many fellow passengers will be on the ship ? If there will be thousands of passengers, then you might not be able to get to meet the celebrity, or get hardly any time to interact with the celebrity. If so, would you still be willing to take the cruise ?

5. What will the cruise cost ? Since celebrity cruises may cost quite a bit more than traditional cruises, you may want to take a close look at the difference in costs between a celebrity cruise and other cruises. After getting to know the difference in cost, would you still be willing to take the cruise?

Celebrity cruises may be great as you may be able to meet you favorite star and maybe even make a positive difference in some person's life. But if all you are looking to have on a vacation is some pure, unadulterated fun, then you can do that even on a more traditional cruise.

Getting The Most Out Of Celebrity Clothing Lines

Getting The Most Out Of Celebrity Clothing Lines

Celebrity clothing lines have become somewhat of a big hype these days. That's because celebrities always look great in their clothes, and it would be nice to see what they're endorsing next in the fashion industry. While celebrity clothing is a big hit, you'll need to be more familiar with what goes around it and budget wisely!

There are now many famous stars who own celebrity clothing lines. Jessica Simpson herself had up to 3 ranges of clothing in 2005. Designs ranged from Juniors to wedges to cowboy boots. Milla Jovovich also had her celebrity line, which features vintage-inspired clothing. If you're interested in swimwear, Elizabeth Hurley has a celebrity line selling beachwear. Jlo's fashion company made millions from selling junior clothing, girls clothing, plus-size clothing, perfumes and accessories! One of the latest celebrity lines is one endorsed by Avril Lavigne. It is basically designed for the "junior lifestyle" and is said to reflect Lavigne's personal style. Lavigne herself stated that she makes sure items have a good fit and great quality. Plus, the line is made to be affordable.

While stars look great, don't always expect good quality because you are wearing their clothes. In fact, not all celebrities wear clothes from their own celebrity lines. Remember, celebrities will always look good because they have their own stylists and make-up artists. To get the best celebrity clothing for you, get to know the reason why they were created in the first place.

We are often psychologically drawn to celebrities because of their high status and reputation as being the beautiful people. Hence, we like the idea of buying from their celebrity fashion line so we could associate ourselves with their high status. The reality is some celebrities don't even design their own clothes, and they are rather used for endorsement to make big bucks. The key things you should really be looking for in a celebrity fashion line are purpose and quality.

What was the purpose of that particular celebrity fashion line? Why was it created in the first place? There are actually some celebrities who genuinely want to design a line that could help people with specific concerns. Oftentimes these celebrities showcase clothing that are very much like the clothes they wear, for example Avril Lavigne. There are celebrity fashion lines that were designed mainly for a woman's natural curves, for the classic look, or for a certain personality. So, don't settle for just any piece of clothing because a celebrity designed it! Instead, look for creativity and quality, and avoid buying items that simply have the "stamp" of a celebrity's name.

If you absolutely love the style of your favorite celebrity, why not get some celebrity-inspired clothing? You don't always have to buy from celebrity clothing lines to emulate a celebrity's style. Get a few items from a celebrity fashion line and simply throw in a number of celebrity-inspired clothing to enrich your new wardrobe. Buy a skeleton top from Lavigne's fashion line and then buy some cheap, funky jewelry from Target or other department stores to complete the look all on your own. Completely copying your favorite celebrity will simply make you a copycat and boring in a fashion sense. Get inspired instead, and incorporate your own personal style to make the most out of your new celebrity wardrobe.

Celebrity Babies Experience Amazing Start in Life

Celebrity Babies Experience Amazing Start in Life

Celebrities influence our lives to a great extent. Their lifestyle, dressing style, eating habits and everything about them fascinates people a lot. Celebrities enjoy the fame that other successful people in other fields do not enjoy. They wear designer clothes, drive expensive cars and live in homes which are no less than palaces. In simple words one can say that celebrities live in a lavish style which normal people can only think in their dreams. Money earned by celebrities is just incomparable to the earnings of a person doing some job in a company. One can say that celebrities will be celebrities only and they can never ever understand that life is so much difficult for rest of the people on this earth.

When you are rich and famous, it is never too late to start a family. Celebrity babies are born lucky. They inherit all fame and name from their celebrity parents. Celebrity babies are born celebrities. They need not do anything and still they will get everything. This is biggest advantage of being a celebrities child. The day celebrity babies are born they will find places in newspapers and magazines. Whether it is their birth or their first day in school, all magazines will be talking about celebrity babies only. It is very true that not just celebrities are excited about their new born babies but their fans and other people as well.

Just like celebrities keep themselves stylish and update, same is the thing with their children. They want their kids to be known for every small thing they do. This is the reason why they keep their children names so unique. You will never find celebrity babies with general names. Like everything else their names are also extraordinary. For instance Chris martin and Gwyneth Paltrow has named their first child "apple". It may sound quite weird to people at first but when you get to know that apple is a celebrity child everything seems fine then. This is the magic of celebrities I guess. Whatever they do people find it impressing and unique.

Celebrities are the ones who set trends and bring new things into the market. A person will readily buy something if some celebrity has used it earlier. This is the mentality of people from different countries and it can not be changed. People will love to follow the trends being set by celebrities. Now not only celebrities set trends but celebrity babies also give their contribution in setting trends for babies in rest of the world. Usually celebrities used to promote different brands of apparels and jewelry in order to increase the users of that brand. But now days they are even promoting things related to babies either along with their kids or when they are expecting. People want to buy those brands which celebrities use for their kids. It is just like celebrities letting people know what they use in their real lives.

But everything is not that amazing as much it appears to be. Celebrity babies enjoy many luxuries but they lack something which other kids have. They lack their privacy. Whatever they do it will become the headline of the next day newspaper. They cannot do anything with their own choice. They need to keep in mind what people will think of them while doing anything. Also it has been seen that celebrity babies have loads of pressure from their celebrity parents right from the moment they are born. You might think that being a celebrity kid is the biggest gift that nature could have gifted you but give it a thought once again.

It is very true that celebrity babies have amazing start in life but as they grow older things do not stay that amazing. Enjoy your life to the fullest and remember that no parents are less than celebrities.

Kids Birthday Parties Are Celebrated All Over the World

Kids Birthday Parties Are Celebrated All Over the World

We celebrate kid's birthday celebration parties with exciting, but have you ever known how kid's wedding get-togethers are celebrated worldwide?

We may take a quick trip around the globe to find out how people from major parts of the world celebrate birthdays and how they train it in the main. Inside US and lots of other places of the planet, we typically celebrate kid's wedding events with themes of choice by the a person celebrating his or her birthday.

It is an every day train to own the celebration in your home, with decorations set up in spot and widespread special event fare includes cakes, candies, soda, hotdogs, marshmallows and various treats young children enjoy. Games are played during the special event exactly where guests participate and win prizes simultaneously.

This is in addition a similar train all through the West and is probably one of the most awaited celebration activity for kids all over. In Africa, there is a tribe in Ghana that celebrate the birth of their kids at the time of the week they were born.

They call it Krada which signifies 'soul day' as their way of giving tribute towards creator for feeding the gift of a youngster - another soul put into their spouse and children. Most tribes or communities usually do not celebrate the birth of their kids and typical celebrations only involve tribes -people celebrating the manhood of children, as they are ushered in to adulthood by means of certain rituals and traditional conventional practices.

Inside Middle East, specifically in Egypt, children's birthdays are usually celebrated with singing and dancing while using celebration venue decorated with fruits and flowers, which symbolizes life and growth as the many years go on for individuals celebrating their birthdays.

Even so, folks tend not to traditionally celebrate birthdays as part of the religious train. In Israel, food is also prepared with friends and family invited to attend from loved ones, close friends and neighbors. The highlight if the bash is to have the 1 celebrating the birthday sit on a chair adorned with fresh flowers as friends gather around the chair offering prayers and properly wishes for the celebrator.

In Excellent Britain, special birthday celebrations are also held in homes with food and drinks prepared for visitors. The British exercise their tradition of celebrating the bday by sending out wedding cards for the birthday celebration celebrator, a tradition that was begun additional than a hundred years ago.

As part of the cultural tradition, an Irish kid celebrates his or her wedding by gently acquiring hit on the ground in the household by friends and family on the day of their wedding. The Danish people, alternatively, celebrate birthdays by expressing their love for their country as nicely.

The Danish proudly raise their county's flag outside their apartment whenever somebody within the property celebrates a wedding. Russians, alternatively, also celebrate birthdays with food and drinks, but the only difference is, they do not prepare cakes but would rather have pies.

In China, a child celebrating his or her birthday celebration receives funds as a present from his moms and dads, who in turn, pay his respects to them as tradition dictates. Family and friends are invited above for dinner, exactly where noodles are served, which symbolizes productivity and lengthy life.

In India, a wedding kid is showered with colorful dresses and chocolates and the residence decorated with colorful balloons and shredded colored paper. If it's a school day when the youngster celebrates a special birthday, the birthday celebration baby grows to puts on a colorful garment and passes out chocolates to friends and classmates.

Now you are aware how kid's birthday celebration get-togethers are celebrated everywhere around the world and who knows, you may possibly be in a position to get a thought from all of these and innovate your upcoming special birthday party for your child.

Caribbean Sailing: Celebrating Carnival

Caribbean Sailing: Celebrating Carnival

It happens every time during your Caribbean sailing charter. You are relaxing onboard in a peaceful, idyllic anchorage - the crystal clear turquoise water gently lapping against the hull- when suddenly, the warm tropical breezes lure you ashore like a siren song with the sound of a party! Every year, the Caribbean plays host to hundreds of different parties ranging from religious celebrations, music festivals, fishing tournaments, sporting competitions to sailing regattas. No matter where you go, a party in paradise can almost always be a part of your Caribbean sailing vacation. The greatest party, however, is the annual Carnival celebration. Basically a street party, it is a fun mixture of party, theater, art and folklore tradition. For each island, the annual Carnival is big business, and preparations for the next one begin almost the day after the last one ends.

The history of Carnival celebrations began hundreds of years ago in Italy where Catholics held wild costume festivals right before Lent. Since they were not supposed to eat meat during Lent, the festival got the name, "Carnevale", which means "to put away meat." The famous Carnival celebrations eventually spread to other Catholic countries, including France, Spain and Portugal. As Catholic Europeans set up colonies and entered the slave trade, Carnival took root in the New World as well.

Today, Carnival celebrations are found throughout the islands. They have been transformed, however, from those original Italian costume festivals to something distinctly Caribbean that differs from island
to island. The Caribbean Carnival is a blending together of many European cultures, as well as African dance and music. Important to the celebration of the Caribbean Carnival is the African traditions of parading in costumes and masks and moving in circles through villages in order to bring good fortune, heal problems and calm angry spirits. Carnival is an important way for the people of the Caribbean to express their rich African cultural traditions by creating elaborate masks and costumes. It takes months and a lot of energy and creativity to come up with a concept and develop costumes for the dancers to depict a common theme.
When Carnival first began, it was celebrated from December 26th until Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday). Still using this traditional time, Trinidad has the largest carnival, with daily events for four weeks leading up to Shrove Tuesday. The last two days are the frenzied culmination of all the parades, the largest floats and the final competitions to decide the winners of various contests.

Other islands hold their carnivals at different times so as not to clash and allow people to enjoy several celebrations during the year. If you are planning a Caribbean sailing vacation, check with each island's tourist office to get a schedule of events. It is great fun to plan a charter around Carnival. Although each island may hold Carnival during different times of the year, there are some common elements to the celebration. Many of the islands will use Carnival as the perfect occasion to commemorate other events in the island's past. All will include elaborate costumes (Mas) worn by many people. Colorful floats and street parades (Pan) are accompanied by lots of music (especially Calypso) and bands, and there is usually an elected King and Queen.

Following is a glimpse of Carnival celebrations throughout the islands:

British Virgin Islands
The biggest event in the BVI, this Carnival goes by two names. Some locals refer to it as the, "August Festival", while others call it the, "Emancipation Festival." It begins July 1st and ends August 31st. This annual celebration marks the 1834 Emancipation Act which abolished slavery in the British West Indies. All the islands celebrate with events taking place across the region, although most celebrations are held in Road Town, Tortola. Visitors are in a for treat including live music, dancing, street performers, parties, parades and food and drink booths laced with a distinct Caribbean flavor. A hotly contested calypso competition leads to the coveted crowning of the Calypso King. There is also a competition for a festival Queen. Events not to miss include the food booths set up near the waterfront in Road Town; the children's pageants; calypso, reggae and costume competitions; bands on huge sound trucks cruising the waterfront accompanied by crowds of dancers; steel bands on floats; all night parties and the grand costume parade.

St. Martin/Sint Maarten
This island is unique because it has a French and Dutch side-both of which are extremely distinct from one another. The way in which Carnival is celebrated is also distinct, depending on which side of the island you are on. Since French St. Martin is considered a part of Guadeloupe, see below. Carnival in Dutch Sint Maarten begins with the Balloon Jump-Up after Easter and lasts until April 30th, the birthday of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. The Balloon Jump-Up celebrates the opening of Carnival Village, an area two blocks from Front Street that houses more than 100 food booths. The Jump-Up parades are a top Carnival attraction with their brightly costumed dancers, floats and live bands. The largest of the processions is the Grand Carnival Parade, which features elaborately dressed Carnival dancers winding along a four-mile route. In between parades, spectators are entertained by steel drum bands from other Caribbean islands. Competitions (especially Calypso competitions) are an integral part of the festivities. A traditional art form of the Caribbean, Calypso competitions test the improvisational and narrative skills of a solo performer. The winner goes up against the previous years' Calypso King or Queen in a battle for the new title. The day after a new Calypso monarch is crowned, a Jump-Up Parade called Jouvert (pronounced Jou-vey) begins at 4 a.m. and lasts until sunrise. The grand finale to Carnival is the Last Lap Jump-Up, lead by King Momo, the straw figure who reigns over Carnival. The burning of King Momo signals the end of Carnival. Local folklore is that he takes the sins of the villages with him, thus leaving the island pure.

St. Barths
St. Barths is one of the three countries in the world where Carnival actually ends at the end of Ash Wednesday. It officially begins the Saturday preceding Ash Wednesday, but unofficially starts the day after New Year's Day. During this unofficial time, the Carnival associations begin rehearsals in the street and people spend their time making the beautiful floats for the parades. The official start of Fat Saturday (Samedi Gras) is an all night dance party. The king of Carnival is King Vaval - a giant mannequin. He is featured with revelers and floats on Fat Sunday (Dimanche Gras) when people enjoy Jump-Ups during the day and all night parties. There are parties every night during the official celebration of Carnival. On Fat Monday (Lundi Gras), everyone dresses in red for the day of the red devils. The costumes are beautiful works of art decorated with glitter and reflective silver. Finally, Ash Wednesday is the day everyone dresses in black and white for the funeral of King Vavel. Festivities continue until 7 p.m. when the straw figure of King Vavel is burned, marking the end of Carnival.

St. Kitts and Nevis
Carnival on St. Kitts and Nevis officially begins on Christmas Eve and ends on New Year's Day. The unofficial start occurs months before with costume making and float building. The Carnival season consists of many different activities such as beauty pageants, street jamming, calypso shows and competitions, masquerades, mocko jumbies and other traditional folklore.

The Antigua Carnival dates back to August 1, 1834, when slavery was abolished and locals went to the streets to joyfully express their celebration of freedom. The celebration continued until 1957, when it was officially declared Carnival. Antigua's Carnival always takes place around the last week of July through the first week of August. The ten days of revelry includes marches, parades, Jump-Ups, shows, and dances to the beat of Calypso. The Antigua Carnival is a great time for visitors on a Caribbean sailing charter to immerse themselves with the culture of this island. During Carnival, St. John teems with street performers, food and drink booths. Pan Ban- steel pan orchestras- are followed by dance troupes wearing intricate costumes. The lively event culminates with a massive road party called Jouvert, (meaning "day break"), where everybody is on their feet dancing to the beat of steel drums.

Carnival in Montserrat is celebrated between Christmas and New Year's Day. The festival includes steel bands, Jump-Ups, King and Queen competitions, and parades. One of the highlights of Carnival is the calypso competition finals where performers dress up and act out their calypsos. Calypso is usually a social commentary about things that are going on in the island as well as feelings about the current government. There is usually a double entendre and the songs tend to be quiet risqué. The winner of the competition is awarded prizes and celebrity status on the island, and they will represent Montserrat in the inter-island competitions. Besides the calypso competition, Carnival also includes steel bands, sporting events, barbecues, and dancing contests.

Guadeloupe's Carnival also finishes on Ash Wednesday. Rehearsals begin in January, with groups disguised in costumes dancing and singing in the streets. Carnival reaches its feverous pitch between Shrove Sunday and Ash Wednesday. Shrove Sunday begins with parades, dancing, costumes, masquerades and street parties. On Shrove Tuesday, pajama clad masqueraders dance throughout the day. On Ash Wednesday, Guadeloupe's unique celebration of Carnival is apparent as revelers dressed up in black and white he and she wolves take to the streets. That evening, with people dancing and dining, Carnival comes to a close with the cremation of King Vaval. Midway between Carnival and Easter Sunday, Carnival is revived for one day at Mid-Lent Thursday, where revelers, depicting themselves as devils, dress up in red and black costumes.

Mas Domnik is held at the traditional pre-Lenten time. During the ten day celebration, there are lots of activities taking place around the island. It is a feast of calypso shows and street Jump-Ups. The opening parade kicks off Carnival. The Queen contestants, calypsonians, the most popular bands, people in sensay costumes, moko jumbies, cheerleaders and many more people parade through the streets in a kaleidoscope of colors encouraged by a huge crowd of onlookers. Throughout Carnival, there are calypso competitions, costume contests, street jams, sensay festivals and beauty pageants. On the two final days of Carnival, music, culture and people merge to celebrate with costumes, bands and parades. The final event takes place on Ash Wednesday with the burning of the Carnival King and the beginning of Lent.

Beginning in May and continuing throughout the summer with various events, Crop Over is Barbados' biggest, loudest and best-loved festival. Dating back to the late 1700s and early 1800s, when Barbados was one of the biggest sugar producers in the world, the end of the sugar cane harvest was celebrated with big parties. Today, the celebration continues with more flamboyance and extravaganza. The event officially begins in early July with a ceremonial delivery of the last sugar cane harvest and the crowning of the Carnival King and Queen. The following five weeks is marked by a heady mix of live music (including tuk, calypso, soca and street bands), dancing, food and craft markets, cultural presentations and much more. The Pic-O-De-Crop is part of the Carnival celebrations and is a part of a fierce competition to pick the best calypso band. The best bands then compete against one another in a bid to win the honor of taking on the reigning Calypso Kings. This is a great community event. Carnival culminates with a parade called, "Grand Kadooment. " Costumed bands take to the streets for the final competition for "Designer of the Year" crown. Revelers dressed in elaborate costumes depicting various themes wind their way through the streets, dancing as DJs play the most popular music.

St. Vincent and The Grenadines
Vincy Mas, as Carnival has become known since 1977, was first celebrated as a pre-Lenten festival by French colonists in the late eighteenth century. The observance of Carnival as a celebration of the privileged class continued under the rule of Great Britain, who celebrated the four days preceding Ash Wednesday as their annual, "Masked Balls". With the coming of freedom, the ex-slaves took Carnival to the streets introducing African cultural traditions. In 1872, the colonial authorities attempted to ban the celebration. On February 11, 1879, Vincentians decided that Carnival would be celebrated, ban or no ban. The people resisted the armed forces of the empire, leading to riots in the streets, and the St. Vincent Carnival Riots became part of the island's history. The peoples' festival continued to grow until 1973, when the Carnival Development Committee took charge to put resources into the planning and organization of the carnival. In 1976, the CDC decided to change the dates of the official celebration of Carnival, and the rest is history. Beginning the end of June, Vincy Mas today is a ten day festival of Pan (panorama), Calypso and Mas (costumes), where society becomes classless and non-racial. The streets of Kingstown become a hive of activity with around the clock excitement. Vincy Mas is filled with mirth and gaiety. The streets are filled with the constant hammering of DJ music blaring out of temporary bars. Various competitions, including costumed bands, Queen Shows (beauty pageants) and calypso are all part of the celebration. If you are on a Caribbean sailing charter, you will be overwhelmed by the riot of color, clash of music, display of talent and the teeming mass of humanity that overtakes the island during Vincy Mas.

Carnival is one of Grenada's biggest annual festivals. Renowned for its color, creativity and unique cultural character, Carnival celebrations are held during the second week in August, just one week after Emancipation Day festivities. Although each parish has its own brand of traditional costume or mas, the main Carnival action is in the streets of St. George's. Festivities begin in July with the opening of various calypso tents, where singers vie for a chance to compete in the National Calypso Monarch Competition. In early August, Carnival celebration gains momentum. Every night of the week, there are cultural presentations and calypso shows, while steel bands rehearse for the upcoming Panorama competition. Carnival week proceeds with the National Carnival Queen show, the Soca Monarch Finals, and the Panorama Steel Band Competition. Carnival Sunday brings the Dimanche Gras Show- featuring the Kings and Queens of the Fancy Mas Bands in competition for King and Queen of Carnival. From dawn on Carnival Monday, the streets of Grenada's towns are filled with traditional masqueraders depicting Jab-Jabs (devils) and social commentaries of the highlights of the past year (Ole Mas). Spectators, and masqueraders alike dance in the streets to the sound of steel bands and popular music played by DJs. On Monday afternoon, the fancy or pretty bands appear on the streets as they make their way to the big stage for the fierce Band of the Year competition. The street party continues late into the evening as the Monday Night Mas Bands weave their way through the streets dancing and waving brightly colored fluorescent lights and continues until the early hours of Tuesday morning. On Carnival Tuesday, spectators and masqueraders again dance through the streets with the fancy bands. The party continues until midnight, when the official Carnival celebration ends.

Although the dates of the music competitions, Jump-Ups, food booths, beauty pageants, costume parades and others activities that make up the festivities vary from island to island, Carnival celebrations are held annually through the Caribbean. Even though each island may have its own twist to the event, it is an opportunity for the people of the Caribbean to express themselves artistically and socially. Carnival is a celebration of the sheer joy of life! Regardless of what your social status is or the color of your skin, everyone, including spectators, is a part of the celebration. No matter where you go, you do not need an elaborate festival to have a great time in the islands, but a Carnival celebration can be a fun part of your Caribbean sailing vacation.