God wants us to celebrate!

Santo riot! Did you know that God loves our celebrations? He loves to watch their children celebrate. He is not a cruel tyrant, man, but a happy God, which has set certain times of the celebration of his people. The goal of God is for us to be in continuous celebration. The Holy Spirit has inspired a plan for us to celebrate happy events in our lives and the lives of others close to us. If you want to know how "a merry heart has a continual feast" (Prov.15: 15), read on. And if, like many others, are finding that the celebrations typical of the western world will be empty, knowing God's system of the celebrations.

God wants us to celebrate to show our appreciation for his love and grace in our lives. He wants to be with us in the unit for your enjoyment we will elaborate on in our hearts. This becomes a curative medicine for ourselves and those around us. Celebration demonstrates our love for God in which we commit to love Him with all our strength, will, mind and heart.

When we receive the blessings, gifts and promises of God, He expects to spend time in the celebration. It helps us to accept what God has given us. It also allows the Holy Spirit time to work with us so that we grow in knowledge, wisdom and discernment. Then you can see, use, or cause others to be blessed by what has happened to us.

When God gives a promised gift, He expects us to celebrate in the Holy Spirit with songs and prayers of thanksgiving.

When He gives us a new understanding or a new truth, we will celebrate in fasting, prayers, chants and meditations (14 days).

When God blesses us with a marriage (14 days), a new child (30 days), a friend, a grandchild, a new brother or sister in Christ, or one that has been recovered, we will celebrate by showing love for one meeting friends, for God's praises, cries of joy and through the issuance of blessings (7 days).

When blessed with a friend or a child who has accepted Jesus and was baptized going to celebrate by the parties, give blessings, songs of joy and prayers of thanksgiving (7 days).

When God blesses us with an anointing, a sort, or a ministry, we will celebrate by fasting, prayers, Bible studies and intensive meditation. These ministries do not become effective until the times are past celebration. And God bless the works of these ministries as they are performed in accordance with his will (14 days).

When Jesus comes into us to heal the bitterness and / or deep wounds, to end long-term pain or give us repentance for the sins of pets, is celebrated for the first time in prayer, and then cheers and finally, in the study to understand what price they had to pay to heal our souls. It is a time of learning for the improvement and maintenance of what Jesus has given us (7 days).

When our race was run and your body takes place, God has given us a special celebration in our mind that performance as a last gift to God. It is the prayer of deliverance and thanksgiving for life - for the winners in Jesus.

The deconsolidation of errors is a celebration of devotion to God - a time of fasting, songs of thanksgiving, study, prayer and meditation. It is a joyous time (7 days).

When God answers our prayers, we celebrate a day of song in our hearts.

When God gives a divine miracle today, live, three of the songs of celebration, prayer and confession of the mercies of God in our lives are in order.

When our Father gives the gift of life zoe, he hopes to spend the rest of our lives in the celebration and the songs of joy to God.

God wants us to celebrate the anniversary date or at our new birth, baptism, marriage, ministry and even our birthday with songs of thanksgiving and gatherings of friends to the blessings and prayers topic.

The time of the celebration of a boy coming of age is 2 days, receiving a gift of the Holy Spirit is 7 days and a miracle in the life of a partner, child or friend is 1 day.

Run times of celebration as accumulation. God's goal in all this is for us the habit of continuous celebration.

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