Gift Suites - History and current state of the industry of celebrity Product Placement

In this article we will discuss the history of the famous product placement, the importance of celebrity in the marketing of the association, the objectives of a joint gift is properly managed and reduced efficiency in current set gift industry.

Celebrities and marketing have been linked since the beginning of Hollywood films. Celebrities influence fashion and lifestyle more effectively than any other promotion. Increases in sales of a certain type of car, clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, furniture, food and beverages, have even been directly linked to the celebrity association. Even in the early days of film companies trying to get their products shown on the big screen. It is the most powerful and effective marketing on the planet. He has worked for over a century and is working harder than ever in the age of technology with the media in the transmission of electronic bulletin boards, computers and even mobile phones for billions of people every day.

The concept is very powerful because it is incredibly simple. Consumers, of course, accept the products and services used by people who admire or accept popular culture. If you can associate your brand with a person who is commonly accepted their product will be accepted. Marketing strategy is the most tested and proven over the earth, and it works.

Enterprises in 1900 tried to get their products in the small number of films produced each year. It was a difficult Today there are hundreds of films produced annually, more than 200 TV channels, hundreds of magazines, and thousands of websites. The celebrity gift suite has become the best way for companies to get their products and services to celebrities.

The absolute best way to build the association between a product and a celebrity is through a red carpet photo. This photo shows a foot of celebrities against a wall covered with a company logo. The logic behind the photo is simply "Celebrity + Logo = celebrity brand association." A gift suite celebrity should each take a picture with the logo of a company and, in return for the celebrity is endowed quality products and services.

Gift Suites began as a private room where celebrities were products of companies with the hope that it could be photographed or filmed at a later date. This strategy was full of hope, but rarely succeeded. Some suites gifts began producing large media walls with dozens of logos. The celebrities that come and stand before the walls of the press and take pictures. This strategy worked very well, but only useful for one or two company logos captured in the photo. Dozens of other logos on the wall is not news and therefore there would be no benefit.

Gift Suites once to dozens of celebrities. The current average in the Oscar, Emmy and other award shows were two celebrities. There are many reasons for this decline. Gifts bathroom organizers have been allowed access to hundreds of non-celebrities. The suites have become gifts as corporate gifts and parties are realizing the value of marketing little or nothing to give away hundreds of products for people who can not help create the famous brand association. Because companies do not like losing the product tend to give lower-value goods. With less valuable merchandise and a party atmosphere, like real celebrities have less incentive to participate. This cycle has led the industry down.

At present there are about a dozen companies that produce major Hollywood gift suites. The purpose of having a celebrity come and take a photo next to a logo of the company in exchange for a product does not exist. The power of the placement of celebrity and fame of the product product association is as strong as ever, but the gift industry is lost in a sea of ​​parties and non-commercial activities.

When selecting a company gifts is important for a company achieve its marketing objectives "Get a picture of celebrities alongside the company logo." Marketing is the reason for Birthday Gifts. It is important to choose gifts appropriate services as part of the marketing plan of a company.

The suites gifts of the year are: Golden Globes, Grammys, SAG Awards, Oscar and Emmy. There are dozens of awards shows and other private rooms present all over the calendar. The classrooms are very different and should be evaluated to meet your business goals before passing the fee and providing valuable products.

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